The University is implementing innovative, interdisciplinary, inter-CU research programs and projects that aim to generate fundamentally new knowledge contributing to the understanding of natural phenomena, and with beneficial applications.

Further proof of concept/principle of UP patents for technology transfer and business development are prioritized. General research areas for this grant include:

  • Progressive pedagogy
  • Philippine culture, arts, mass communication, humanities, to enhance national identity, global orientation or tourism development
  • Poverty alleviation: family and community development
  • Health, disease and wellness
  • Agriculture, aquaculture, animal husbandry and nutrition
  • Environment, climate and energy
  • Biodiversity, conservation and drug discovery
  • Genomics, other “-omics” and biotechnology
  • ICT engineering, nanotechnology
  • Computational modeling, complex systems

EIDR grants are awarded up to the amount of P2.5M per project, or P10M per program (for 4 projects) per year, for 2 years, renewable for another two years.


The implementation guidelines of the “Reinventing Research in UP” were approved by the Board at its 1272nd meeting held on 25 August 2011. This initiative will be called the Emerging Interdisciplinary Research (EIDR) Program which is a variation of the previous research program of the OVPAA.

categories of grant proposals will be solicited: (1) interdisciplinary research (IDR) program proposals for —PhP10M per year, and (2) single or dual project proposals for PhP2.0M per year, for a maximum of four years (in two phases), to total PhP80M per year.

The grants will be competitive with evaluation and ranking of proposals performed by external reviewers. Major evaluation criteria are: (1) innovation and intellectual merit, (2) significance and broad impacts, (3) investigator competence, and (4) feasibility of completion in four years.

The Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs’ ‘seed’ research funds are intended to:
Enable UP researchers to produce high quality publications and other academic output quickly and regularly

Lay the groundwork to establish a research culture in UP (by having UP’s research experts mentor the present and future generations of UP researchers in the best practices of research)

Promote interdisciplinary and intercampus research interactions and activities (One UP)

Support the creation of ‘value’ networks from basic to applied research to produce discoveries and innovations that can be developed and packaged into useful and marketable products and services (involving integrated teams of researchers in the natural, engineering and computational sciences, as well as in business economics management and development; and arts, culture and lifestyle creators) that contribute to our growth and development as a UP community and as a nation.

Read THE BOR Approval (pages 43-47)