Scholarship and service: Short-term Foreign Training and Externship in Industry

Training and externship are often associated with academic and professional development. But for UP, it is also about service.

Our programs for short-term training in foreign universities and externship in industry are envisioned to spur and nurture a culture of scholarship driven by individual commitment and determination. This is achieved through continuous voluntary mentoring: those who obtain financial support from UP for short-term training abroad and externship are encouraged to fill in for the next batch of colleagues who will also leave for foreign training or externship. That batch then does the same for the one next in line, and so on.

Such system ensures that trainings and externships do not impede the teaching and research functions of the unit or department in the absence of a faculty member. More importantly, it has a ripple effect, promoting the continuity of training given to and service given by the generations to come.

Another option is for the applicants to render overtime work as soon as they come back from the externship or short-term training abroad. Extra work, however, will be measured not in terms of length or duration but in terms of the value of the work given. 

Interested in upgrading your skills while serving the University? UP can fund your short-term training abroad, or foreign or local externship in industry. For more information, visit these pages: Short-term Training in Foreign Universities and  Externship in Industry