Vision Paper

The U.P. Suprastructure as “Utak at Puso Para sa Bayan” (One U.P. for One Nation): A Vision of the U.P. Community to Lead in Building a Just, Humane, Peaceful and Progressive Philippines

“For every living being, an individual, a community or nation, nourishment of the mind, spirit and body is vital for it to grow, to progress and succeed. We must continue to promote Competence (knowledge-based nation building), Commitment (solidarity, unity, volunteerism, service) and Compassion for U.P. to become productive, and for U.P. to succeed in its mission to lead in nation building and to lead the nation towards peace, prosperity and happiness.” Author’s curriculum vitae

Philippine Daily Inquirer

Investing in ‘suprastructure’ (with Ernesto M. Pernia and Ramon L. Clarete) – 3 August 2014

“Improving quality in education, besides merely increasing its resources, is critical to fully capture the beneficial effects on economic growth. Educational expenditure directed to such activities as R&D, faculty development and facilitation of linkages with global centers of excellence will greatly impact the level and quality of the human capital of university graduates.”

Star Science, The Philippine Star

Pursuing academic excellence in UP through faculty development – 23 January 2014

“To fulfill its mandate to conduct research and serve the country, if it is to become a world-class and internationally recognized research institution, UP must increase the number of its Ph.D.-level faculty. With this in mind, UP has embarked on several programs, each with the goal of boosting the number of UP’s high-quality faculty.”

Building research in UP from the ground up – 16 January 2014

“Why “emerging” and why interdisciplinary research? Emerging — because there are new opportunities to pursue, problems to solve, and natural phenomena to understand, that keep emerging. Interdisciplinary — because with the breadth and depth of knowledge available today, we realize the need to have experts in various disciplines working together to provide the long-term, multi-faceted, more effective solutions to the complex problems we face today.”

Major investment in higher education and R&D is key to fulfilling the Aquino Social Contract with the Filipino people – 9 January 2014

“No amount of great ideas and concepts, plans and blueprints, laws and policies, or investments in physical infrastructure, technology, other capital outlay, and operating expenses, can result in significant, sustained progress if there are not enough competent individuals with deep knowledge and commitment, and specialized skills, who can move the program forward, and provide innovative, effective, long-lasting solutions to problems encountered along the way.”

‘Creating space, creating time’– 22 August 2013

“Biological structures have evolved to become very efficient in their own interactions and in their functions as part of a larger assembly of biological structures. Proteins are remarkably “intelligent” in the sense that they are able to create the most specific 3D binding spaces and fastest catalytic time in all of Nature.”


The Role of Science, Technology and Research in Economic Development (with Ernesto M. Pernia and Ramon L. Clarete) – June 2014 

“Being the National University, UP is expected to play the role of leadership in higher education, S&T and R&D. There is an urgent need and compelling rationale for scaling up the UP budget to upgrade faculty and staff salaries, besides physical facilities and equipment, toward enhancing the university’s competitive standing, regionally and globally. Otherwise, there is a real risk that the ―National University‖ will not be able to attract or retain Filipino faculty (with the required academic degrees) and draw international faculty and students. Worse yet, UP might find itself losing existing faculty and students to its AEC competitors.”