Ukkil * Sutla

Ukkil * Sutla
August 5-30, 2014, 3F Galleries, Vargas Museum, UP Diliman
Ukkil at Sutla features fine examples of two aspects of the traditional arts of Islamic Mindanao. Ukkil, the foliate designs that are found in a variety of household items, architectural details and royal paraphernalia, and interpreted in a range of materials, from wood to silver, from carabao horn to gilt brass. 

Sutla, on the other hand, is the silk weaving tradition once common among the Maranao, Maguindanao, Tausug and Yakan peoples. Now no longer practiced, the silk tradition is exemplified by vintage examples of the Maranao Malong landap and andon, the Tausug pisyabit headscarves and kandit sashes, the restrained plaid malong of the Maguindanao and the tapestry-woven seputangan of the Yakan.
Complementing the objects and providing a continuum are artworks as well as archival materials on Mindanao from the Vargas Collection, which show how non-Islamic artists saw the peoples of Mindanao. Three large-scale works by National Artist Abdulmari Imao will be presented alongside the objects to show how the Ukkil tradition has been re-interpreted by a contemporary artist.Opens on Tuesday, August 5 at 4pm at the Vargas Museum.
Contact:  928-1927, [email protected]