UP CIFAL Philippines champions sustainable development goals

For CIFAL Philippines, knowledge must radiate towards those who most need it.

Established in March 2016 by the University of the Philippines and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), CIFAL Philippines serves as a hub for training, advocacy and research on the interwoven themes of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, migration and gender equality. CIFAL stands for Centre International de Formation des Acteurs Locaux or the International Training Center for Local Actors, which is implemented by UNITAR under its Local Development Programme.

Today, the global CIFAL network has nine centers in Africa, North and South America, Europe and Asia. Each center is designed according to the needs of local actors. In the Philippines, the center focuses on migration and development and gender equality. CIFAL Philippines also works on issues such as climate change and disaster risk reduction and how these relate to migration and mobility.

With the expertise and experience of UP faculty members as well as local and foreign practitioners, CIFAL Philippines trains national and local authorities, policymakers, technical officers, development workers and other stakeholders on migration crisis management, migration data analysis, and the dynamics of gender and sustainable development. 

Other activities led by UP CIFAL Philippines include the pilot study on Korean migration to the Philippines and a youth camp on sustainable development. The forum on inclusive business, which UP CIFAL Philippines launched this June in UP Cebu, is also slated to be held in other UP campuses.

Early this month, UP CIFAL Philippines joined three other CIFAL centers to officially create the CIFAL Asia Pacific Network. UP CIFAL Philippines director Dr. Edna Co, CIFAL Shanghai director Genxiang Wang, CIFAL Newcastle director Dr. Graham Brewer, and CIFAL Jeju director Amb. Young-sam Ma signed the Declaration to Strengthen the CIFAL Global Network to formalize the regional cooperation.

Participants at the inclusive business forum in UP Cebu pledge to support activities such as protecting marine diversity, investing in clean and affordable energy, and tapping communities for sources of raw materials. (Photo by UP CIFAL Philippines)

The agreement to create regional cooperation among four CIFAL centers in Asia Pacific was signed on 9th August. Dr. Edna Co represented UP CIFAL Philippines as its director. (Photo by CIFAL Jeju via the UP CIFAL Philippines website)

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