The following include awards to recognize productivity and academic distinction as well as in support of research dissemination.
Scientific Productivity System (SPS) Arts Productivity System (APS).  Deserving scientists shall be conferred the title of “UP Scientist”.  Deserving artists and arts scholars shall be conferred the title of “UP Artist”.  These titles are held for a period of three years.  The monetary awards have been increased as follows:

  • Artist I and Scientist I – P150,000
  • Artist II and Scientist II – P200,000
  • Artist III and Scientist III – P250,000

SPS Memo

APS Memo

International Publication Awards (IPA).  The IPA for journal articles is awarded to faculty members, researchers, project researchers and thesis students who publish in international peer-reviewed (Thomson Reuters-listed or SCOPUS-listed) journals.  The amount is from P55,000 to P80,000. Authors’ home units also receive an IPA.The IPA for books/book chapters is given to faculty members, REPS, and professors emeriti whose books or book chapters are published by international academic publishers and university presses.  The maximum amount is P55,000 for a book chapter and P110,000 for a book.Guidelines and Forms
IPA Awardees Archives
Special support:  Research Dissemination Grant (RDG).  Special support is given to faculty and researchers who will present their papers in international conferences.  The amount of the grant is P25,000 for conferences in Asia and the Pacific Islands, P45,000 for North and South America, Europe, Russia, Africa, the Middle East, Australia and India.
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List of RDG Awarded