Who will be the next model of progressive teaching in the University?

The search is on for the faculty’s “best of the best” in course development.

Now on its second year, Gawad Pangulo for Progressive Teaching and Learning aims to recognize UP faculty members who have shown remarkable achievements in enriching course content and innovating in pedagogy while continuing to uphold the fundamental value and relevance of their courses.

Nominees, who will compete in two rounds, will be judged according to the excellence and progressive quality of their teaching philosophy, course syllabus and content, course materials, and course activities. Those selected from the first round will each receive 50,000 pesos to prepare audio-visual teaching materials. They will present these along with a lecture in the final round.

A maximum of three winners will be awarded 150,000 pesos each.

The UP system-wide competition is open to a regular faculty member of any constituent unit who: (1) has been teaching for at least two years a three-unit undergraduate majors lecture course or a three-unit graduate lecture course in any discipline that is offered at least once a year; (2) is responsible for preparing at least one-half of the course syllabus and materials; and (3) teaches at least one-third of the course

Last year’s winner Associate Professor Iris Thiele-Isip Tan of UP Manila created videos akin to the massive open online courses of top foreign universities. Using these videos, Dr. Isip-Tan taught doctors, nurses and pharmacists how to take advantage of new technology to effectively disseminate information on health-related issues and to connect with people of similar interests from around the world.

Materials submitted by the finalists and winners will be made available on the OVPAA website as seeds and models of progressive, pervasive and dynamic teaching and learning. Videos from last year’s finalists Dr. Isip-Tan, Dr. Wilfredo Jose of UP Diliman, Dr. Aimee Lynn Dupo of UP Los Baños and Dr. Aletta Yñiguez of UP Diliman can now be viewed on the OVPAA website.

The deadline for submission of nominations is 31 July 2015.

Download the memorandum from President Alfredo Pascual, the nomination form, and the guidelines. 

Download the poster in PDF:

Gawad Pangulo 2015 for website long