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QUANTUM SYSTEMS: Paper of UP physicist is one of last year’s best, says international journal

MAKING THE MOST OF SATELLITE IMAGERY: NASA scientist demonstrates use of satellite data in lake water monitoring

SUSTAINABLE PRACTICES IN A FISHING COMMUNITY: The collaboration between UP and French group Ecotone Resilience

GREATER INVOLVEMENT: Retired professors and professors emeriti to continue service in teaching, mentoring and admin

SMALL BUT MIGHTY: New UP paper shows how tiny RNAs fine-tune switch critical in cancer development

WE ARE BACK: UP regains title as one of world’s top 400 universities

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EVENT: Critically acclaimed “Sintang Dalisay” to be performed at the UP Asian Center

CALL: The 22nd Da Dun Fine Arts Exhibition sponsored by the Taiwanese government is now open for entries

TRAINING: The UP School of Statistics announces the schedule of training seminars in applied statistical analysis for 2017

CALL: Cycle 1 of the 2017 Enhanced Creative Work and Research Grant is now open for proposals

EVENT: The National Economic and Development Authority in collaboration with The World Bank will be holding the National Conference on Natural Capital Accounting on 30 and 31 March 2017

CALL: CHED is encouraging members of the faculty and staff to apply to the Partial Support for Graduate Studies program

CALL: The Call for applications to the UP Scientific Productivity System (SPS) for 2017 is now open

CALL: New calls for opportunity now open under the Newton Agham Programme

MATERIAL: Download the 2016 Guidebook for R&D Procurement here

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FOREIGN COLLABORATION: First UP-Academia Sinica Bilateral Symposium

COMPLEXITY AS A GAME CHANGER: UP grad student reflects on the 2016 NTU Winter School for Complexity Science
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Featured articles with the International Publication Award

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Silver-zeolite dispersed in chitosan matrix produces a material that is biodegradable and biocompatible with antibacterial property

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Household size, type of buyer and effort days per fishing trip are among the factors that affect a fisher’s support for sustainable fishing

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Cellular aging is not just about age-related signs and diseases–it is important in proper fetal development, too

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: New findings on what causes anion exchange membranes to degrade can help maximize the thermal and chemical stability properties of alkaline fuel cells

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Research opens up the possibility of a single chip opto-microwave receiver integrated circuit

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: A socio-ecological framework validated by community trials can enhance production and sustainability of sea cucumber harvesting and trade

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Engineers prove that carbon monoxide does not desorb as molecule but undergoes dissociation and recombination before desorbing from a tungsten surface

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UP has a total of 127 Scopus-listed publications for 2017 as of 2 March. Because Scopus statistics rely on author affiliation, a paper with one author each from UP Diliman and UP Los Baños, for example, will be counted by Scopus as two papers for UP. (Click image to enlarge.)

Scopus publications in high-impact journals (IF of >2.000) for February 2017:

(UP Los Baños) M. Albao and A. A. Padama (2017). CO Adsorption on W(100) during Temperature-Programmed Desorption: A Combined Density Functional Theory and Kinetic Monte Carlo Study. Applied Surface Science, 396: 1282–1288

(UP Mindanao) L. Digal and P. G. Placencia (2017). Factors Affecting the Adoption of Sustainable Tuna Fishing Practices: The Case of Municipal Fishers in Maasim, Sarangani Province, Region 12, Philippines. Marine Policy, 77: 30–36

(UP Diliman) K. Taaca and M. Vasquez Jr., (2017). Fabrication of Ag-Exchanged Zeolite/Chitosan Composites and Effects of Plasma Treatment. Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 241: 383–391

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