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UP assistant professor who heads lab for sustainable energy supply dev’t is one of new ASEAN S&T fellows. The fellows were selected based on their track record and potential to promote science-based policy-making in the region

Using interdisciplinary tools to study an age-old weaving tradition in the Philippines. Anthropology, mathematics and materials science contributed to documenting the unique textiles (Photo by Joven Paolo Angeles)

2019 QS World University Rankings: UP has strong employer reputation globally. It ranked 168th globally based on the results of a world survey on institutions providing the best professionals

Alternative modernity and integrity of local knowledge: UP College of Music’s Emerging Interdisciplinary Research Project on Arts and Culture. The project argues that politics can be made through the arts and humanities, in short, through culture

UP convenes 1st Philippine Koreanist Congress to strengthen academic, cultural ties. Connections with Korean institutions have helped Koreanists in the Philippines as scholars and professionals

In which subject areas did UP publish more? Almost half of the University’s publications since 1911 were in two subject areas

UP rises to top 50% of ranked universities from emerging economies. UP has been ranked 166th, a massive leap from its 201st-250th position in 2017

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CALL: DOST-JSPS Joint Research Program for 2019 is now open for proposals. Deadline: 5 September 2018

CALL: Full papers may now be submitted for the 2018 IEEE Conference on Applications, Information and Network Security. Deadline: 31 July 2018

CALL: Scholarships to attend the 5th AUN-BE International Week at Universitas Gadjah Mada are available to undergraduate and graduate business students

CALL: CHED is encouraging members of the faculty and staff to apply to the Partial Support for Graduate Studies program

MATERIAL: Download the 2016 Guidebook for R&D Procurement here

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Featured articles with the International Publication Award (June 2018)
SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Copper sulfate and copper oxide particles embedded in filter paper provide antimicrobial properties (Image: SEM micrograph of filter paper at 50,000×)

ARTS AND HUMANITIES: One strategy for establishing the unity thesis is to formulate and interpret the principle of non-contradiction not as a logical principle but as a metaphysical principle

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Agricultural wastes such as coconut shells were converted to biocharcoal using a simple and low-cost method that can be adapted globally

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Problems that hinder green projects can be viewed in terms of transaction costs which serve as barriers to policy

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UP has a total of 493 Scopus-listed publications up to 13 July 2018. Because Scopus statistics rely on author affiliation, a paper with one author each from UP Diliman and UP Los Baños, for example, will be counted by Scopus as two papers for UP. (Click image to enlarge.)

Scopus publications in high-impact journals (IF of >2.000) for June 2018:

(UP Los Baños) Copper Sulfate-Embedded and Copper Oxide-Embedded Filter Paper and their Antimicrobial PropertiesMaterials Chemistry and Physics, 207: 147-153
Impact Factor: (2016/2017) 2.084

(UP Diliman) Marquez, R.T.C. et al. (2017) The Seawater Osmium Isotope Record of South China Sea: Implications on its History and EvolutionMarine Geology, 394: 98-115
Impact Factor: (2016/2017) 3.572

(UP Manila) Gorgon, E.J. E. (2018) Caregiver-Provided Physical Therapy Home Programs for Children with Motor Delay: A Scoping ReviewPhysical Therapy, 98 (6): 480–493
Impact Factor: (2016/2017) 2.764

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