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SCIENCE AND CONSERVATION: DENR, Bohol seek help of scientists at biodiversity conference

INDEFATIGABLE: UP Manila prof is world’s most prolific editor

AIMING FOR A PATENT: Latest invention disclosure awardees come from UP Visayas

BETTER DATA, BETTER PLANS: UP Cebu Phil-LiDAR 2 turns over detailed resource maps to Negros Occidental

FIRST TITLE-HOLDER: UP Diliman takes home grand prize in new Gawad Pangulo Student Debates

STRONGER REGIONAL TIES: UP hosts meeting of Pacific Rim university leaders in Cebu

WE ARE BACK: UP regains title as one of world’s top 400 universities

NEW BATCH: UP Artists and Scientists for 2015-2017 named

FROM INQUIRY TO APPLICATION: UP biodiversity conference to focus on innovations, interdisciplinary research

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CALL: USAID now accepting applications for STRIDE Innovation for Development Grants for Science and Technology. Deadline: 31 October 2016

CALL: The National Science Foundation will be accepting applications to the Partnerships for Enhanced Engagement in Research (PEER) program starting 16 October. To know more about PEER, click here.

CALL: New calls for opportunity now open under the Newton Agham Programme

CALL: The call for submissions to EIDR Cycle 8 has been closed.

CALL: Peer-reviewed Elsevier journal welcomes papers on conservation and sustainability

CALL: The Concepcion D. Dadufalza Award for Distinguished Achievement is now open for nominations

CALL: Bukas na para sa mga nominasyon ang Gawad sa Natatanging Publikasyon sa Filipino

RESOURCE: Download the 2016 Guidebook for R&D Procurement here

EVENT: View this page to see UP Diliman’s monthly activities in culture and the arts

CALL: The Enhanced Creative Work and Research Grant is now open for submissions. View memo or go to the guidelines.

RESULTS: We are pleased to announce the 2016 ECWRG recipients. (Click link to download the list)

CALL: The UP Teaching Assistantship Program, approved by the Board of Regents in March 2015, is accepting applications for the positions of Teaching Associates and Teaching Fellows

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ECOSYSTEM, GENOMICS AND MORE: 1st Biodiversity and Chemical Biology of Marine and Terrestrial Life in the Philippine Region Conference kicks off in Bohol, Philippines

WELCOME DEVELOPMENT FOR UP: SC decision on Bt eggplant brings ‘rays of hope’ to UP scientists, agri stakeholders

SCIENCE THROUGH STORIES: Fiction and public science education

RECORD HOLDER: Luzon has the world’s greatest concentration of unique mammals, according to UP and foreign researchers

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Featured articles with the International Publication Award

MANAGEMENT AND ECONOMICS: Celebrity culture in the Philippines is a microcosm of democratized capitalism

MANAGEMENT AND ECONOMICS: Distributive and interactional justice positively affects employees’ job satisfaction

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: How did formal institutions conduct themselves in both the emergency and rehabilitation phases of Typhoon Haiyan?

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Informal institutions were studied in the context of local education politics via a new institutional approach

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Computer simulations unravels the potential of Agelasine F as anti-TB agent

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Tea leaves from a Philippine bamboo can be good for your health

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UP has a total of 415 Scopus-listed publications for 2016 as of 3 October. Because Scopus statistics rely on author affiliation, a paper with one author each from UP Diliman and UP Los Baños, for example, will be counted by Scopus as two papers for UP. (Click image to enlarge.)

UP has a total of 415 Scopus-listed publications for 2016 as of 3 October. Because Scopus statistics rely on author affiliation, a paper with one author each from UP Diliman and UP Los Baños, for example, will be counted by Scopus as two papers for UP. (Click image to enlarge.)

Scopus publications in high-impact journals (IF of >2.000) for September-October 2016:

(UP Manila) Evaluation in Cameroon of a Novel, Simplified Methodology to Assist Molecular Microbiological Analysis of V. cholerae in Resource-Limited Settings. Amanda K. Debes, Jerome Ateudjieu, Etienne Guenou, Anna Lena Lopez, Mark Philip Bugayong, Pearl Joy Retiban, Marcelino Garrine, Inacio Mandomando, Shan Li, O. Colin Stine and David A. Sack. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 10 (3): e0004573, 14 pages.

(UP Manila) Validity of the Estimates of Oral Cholera Vaccine Effectiveness Derived from the Test-Negative Design. Mohammad Ali, Young Ae You, Dipika Sur, Suman Kanungo, Deok Ryun Kim, Jacqueline Deen, Anna Lena Lopez, Thomas F. Wierzba, Sujit K. Bhattacharya and John D. Clemens. Vaccine, 34 (4): 479–485.

(UP Diliman) Effect of Regional Grid Mix, Driving Patterns and Climate on the Comparative Carbon Footprint of Gasoline and Plug-In Electric Vehicles in the United States. Tugce Yuksel, Mili-Ann M Tamayao, Chris Hendrickson, Inês M L Azevedo and Jeremy J Michalek. Environmental Research Letters, 11: 044077, 13 pages

(UP Los Baños) Remote Sensing of Coral Reefs for Monitoring and Management: A Review. John D. Hedley , Chris M. Roelfsema, Iliana Chollett, Alastair R. Harborne, Scott F. Heron, Scarla Weeks, William J. Skirving, Alan E. Strong, C. Mark Eakin, Tyler R. L. Christensen, Victor Ticzon, Sonia Bejarano and Peter J. Mumby. Remote Sensing, 8 (2): 118, 40 pages

(UP Diliman) Nucleation of FAU and LTA Zeolites from Heterogenous Aluminosilicate Precursors. Matthew D. Oleksiak, Jennifer A. Soltis, Marlon T. Conato, R. Lee Penn and Jeffrey D. Rimer. Chemistry of Materials, 28 (14): 4906-4916

(UP Manila) Evidence of TAF1 Dysfunction in Peripheral Models of X-Linked Dystonia-Parkinsonism. Aloysius Domingo, David Amar, Karen Grütz, Lillian V. Lee, Raymond Rosales, Norbert Brüggemann, Roland Dominic Jamora, Eva Cutiongco-dela Paz, Arndt Rolfs, Dirk Dressler, Uwe Walter, Dimitri Krainc, Katja Lohmann, Ron Shamir, Christine Klein, and Ana Westenberger. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences, 73 (6): 3205–3215

(UP Diliman) Slowly Rotating Black Holes in Einstein-æther Theory. Enrico Barausse, Thomas P. Sotiriou, and Ian Vega. Physical Review D, 93 (4): 044044, 23 pages. 

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