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SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Wastes from excessive feeding of milkfish in fish cages change the chemical properties of the sediment

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: This study calculates the amount of shift of a THz beam incident on graphene with varying incident angle, incident frequency and Fermi level

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The socioeconomic impact of poorly controlled allergies in Asia is similar to that in the European Union

ARTS AND HUMANITIES: The “Woman-by-the-Water” image in Philippine literary and cultural traditions is wrought by colonization

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: How suitable are protected and unprotected areas in the Philippines for two bumble bee species?

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Scopus publications in high-impact journals (IF >2.000) for June 2019

(UP Baguio) Manhert, A. et. al. (2019) Leaves of Indoor Ornamentals are Biodiversity and Functional Hotspots for FungiFrontiers in Microbiology, 9: 2343, doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2018.02343, 2018
Impact Factor: (2017/2018) 4.019

(UP Manila) Cayco, C. et al. (2019) Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation to Improve Motor Outcomes in Older Adults with Chronic StrokeNeurosciences, 24 (1): 53-60, 2019
Impact Factor: (2017/2018) 3.382

(UP Manila) Bruggeman, N. et al. (2019) Association of Pallidal Neurostimulation and Outcome Predictors with X-lined Dystonia ParkinsonismJAMA Neurology, 76 (2): 211-216, 2019
Impact Factor: (2017/2018) 11.460

(UP Diliman) Moncada, C. et. al. (2019) Microbial Community Composition of Sediments Influenced by Intensive Mariculture ActivityFEMS Microbiology Ecology, 95 (2): doi: 10.1093/femsec/fiz006, 2019
Impact Factor: (2017/2018) 3.495

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gray new news
New genus of shipworm found in the Philippines feeds on stone. It is the first shipworm to burrow through stone rather than wood (Photo courtesy of Dan Distel)

UP climbs higher in world university rankings. It appeared in the top 33 percent of the list

Eight UP researchers among the 2019 Outstanding Young Scientists. The award is given by NAST PHL, the country’s highest recognition and scientific advisory body

New genus and species of shipworm found in the Philippines. After nearly 100 years, a new genus of shipworm has been discovered by scientists

Gender mainstreaming for students opens with consultative workshop. The workshop will be followed by a system-wide training of trainers

UP achieves top 100 ranking in THE Asia. It now appears in the upper 100 of two most widely referenced rankings in the world

UP Artists for 2016-2018, 2017-2019 and 2018-2020. Almost one-third come from the fine arts

UP has 71 UP Scientists for 2018-2020. They represent different fields of scientific inquiry

Lunop Han Dughan (Voice of Yolanda) of UP Diliman, UP Visayas Tacloban makes world premiere. The project explores the use of music in helping alleviate the sufferings of disaster survivors

2019 Gémino H Abad Awards winners and finalists announced. A total of 22 entries from five constituent universities vied for the top prizes

UP holds press conference on newly discovered Homo luzonensis. The arrival of the species in Luzon could have been deliberate than accidental

UP researchers co-discover new human species in Luzon. Called Homo luzonensis, it lived around the same time as Homo sapiens

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gray new news
CALL: PCIEERD 2020 Call for Proposals. Deadline: 2 August 2019

CALL: UP Korea Research Center now accepting abstracts for 2019 NextGen Koreanist Workshop. Deadline: 3 August 2019

CALL: Call for papers for HanPil: Studies on Korea and the Philippines. Deadline: 31 July 2019

CALL: Nominations for the NAST and DOST awards. Deadline: 31 July 2019

CALL: CHED is encouraging members of the faculty and staff to apply to the Partial Support for Graduate Studies program

MATERIAL: Download the 2016 Guidebook for R&D Procurement here