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SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: A model predicts mineral formation during adiabatic boiling in geothermal wells to maximize their output.

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Male residents living on public land near a geothermal facility tend to be agreeable to geothermal energy.

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Rabbits immunized with synthetic peptides produce antibodies for dengue serotype 2.


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Publications in high impact factor journals (IF >2.000)

(UP Diliman) Yñiguez, A. and Ottong, Z. (2020) Predicting Fish Kills and Toxic Blooms in an Intensive Mariculture Site in the Philippines Using a Machine Learning ModelScience of the Total Environment, 707: 136173, 2020
Impact Factor: (2018/2019) 5.589

UP Baguio) Andalis, M. et. al. (2020) High Concentration Bolometric System with Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes (SWCNT) AbsorberNanotechnology, 31: 125202, doi: 10.1088/1361-6528/ab5dd4, 2020
Impact Factor: (2018/2019) 3.399

(UP Los Baños) ZAguilar-Hawod, K. et. al. (2020) Genetic Diversity of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. Cuvense Causing Panama Wilt of Banana in the PhilippinesPathogens, 9(1): 32, 2020
Impact Factor: (2018/2019) 3.405

(UP Manila) Robidillo, C. et. al. (2019) Ratiometric Detection of Nerve Agents by Coupling Complementary Properties of Silicon-Based Quantum Dots and Green Fluorescent ProteinACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 11: 33478-33488, 2019
Impact Factor: (2018/2019) 8.456

(UP Visayas) Tuliao, A. et. al. (2019) Toronto Alexithymia Scale-20: Examining 18 Competing Factor Structure Structure Solutions in a U.S. Sample and a Philippines Sample Assessment,, 2019
Impact Factor: (2018/2019) 3.804

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UP breaks into top 500 in world rankings. It is still the leading university in the Philippines

New genus of shipworm found in the Philippines feeds on stone. It is the first shipworm to burrow through stone rather than wood

UP climbs higher in world university rankings. It appeared in the top 33 percent of the list

New genus and species of shipworm found in the Philippines. After nearly 100 years, a new genus of shipworm has been discovered by scientists

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Event: UPKRC-SNUAC “Korea in Asia” Webinar Series (1): The Post-Corona19 Economic Outlook in Asia-pacific Area: Issues and Perspectives” by Dr. Hak K. Pyo (Professor Emeritus, The Faculty of Economics, Seoul National University) on 05 June 2020.

CALL: 2020 Joint Research Project Call for Proposals between the Philippines Department of Science and Technology and the People’s Republic of China Ministry of Science and Technology. Deadline: before 26 June 2020

Important Announcement: Implementation of System-Funded Projects

Important Announcement: Online Submission of International Publication Award (IPA) Applications

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