The project “Development of a Filipinized Learning Management System” (FLMS), funded by the Emerging Interdisciplinary Research Program of the the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, contributed to the discourse on innovative and good practices of remote learning by participating in the International Conference on Open and Innovative Education on 5 July 2023 at Hong Kong Metropolitan University. The annual conference provides a platform for researchers and educators to delve into technological advancements and recent breakthroughs and address pertinent issues in open and innovative education. It also aims to disseminate high-quality studies. 

The FLMS team presented two papers on a needs assessment and situational analysis of remote learning in the Philippines, and the development of a Filipinized Learning Management System. The first study was presented by Hanna May Rosario, technical consultant of the FLMS project. Her presentation focused on the qualitative and quantitative data collected from various nursing universities in the Philippines which provided valuable insight into the context of remote learning in the country. The second study, presented by the project leader,  Asst. Prof. Rita C. Ramos, centered on the meticulous development of the Filipinized Learning Management System. The paper built upon the insights gained from the first study, utilizing its own findings as a foundation for developing the FLMS. Highlighted in the presentation were the extensive research, careful design and implementation strategies employed to create a learning management system that resonates with Filipino educators and learners. FLMS aims to provide an accessible online learning environment to nursing students and faculty at Mindanao State University-Buug, Cavite State University and Visayas State University despite slow internet connection in the country.

By disseminating its findings, FLMS project demonstrated its commitment to advance open and innovative education. The team’s research not only provided a comprehensive understanding of the remote learning landscape in the Philippines but also contributed to the development of a Filipinized solution that can enhance the educational experience of Filipino students.