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Research Dissemination Grant

Support for Paper Presentation in International Conferences

In the University, there are many faculty members and researchers who are prolific in research and publication. Unfortunately, they cannot present their research output to the international research community due to lack of funds. The Faculty/Administrative Development Fund of their respective Constituent Universities (CUs) cannot always fully cover expenses that would be incurred at international conferences.

To fill in the gap, the Board of Regents established the UP Research Dissemination Grant (RDG) in its 24 November 2011 meeting and subsequently approved the inclusion of researchers from the REPS sector on 20 September 2012. The RDG is an award to outstanding faculty and REPS researchers who receive invitations or gain acceptance to present their research papers in prestigious international conferences.

With the RDG, faculty and REPS researchers are encouraged to conduct and publicize high-quality research that would make the University more visible in the international research community. Participation in international conferences would also expose our faculty and REPS researchers to cutting-edge research, and could provide opportunities to forge collaborations with leading researchers in the world.

The amount of the grant is fixed per applicant and based on the location of the international conference:

Please note that the applicant must also be the presenter. All applications must be endorsed by the CU. Duly endorsed applications should be submitted to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs via DRS (Document Routing System) during the following application periods only: February 10-15; April 10-15; June 10-15; August 10-15; October 10-15 and December 10-15 and at least two months before the date of the conference. After that time, applications will no longer be accepted and we cannot grant any extensions.

The UP System RDG is only a supplemental funding to the CU RDG. Please submit all applications for virtual presentations in international conferences to your CU c/o OVCRD / OVCRE / OVCAA.


RDG Guidelines
RDG Application Form
RDG Conference Report Form